Nothing To Say


Piece of paper staring up at me right now and I am wondering when I lost my connection to the written word. Not just words, but actually taking the pen and writing on the paper. I used to not be able to write anything coherent unless it was with a pad and pen. Now years spend staring at the computer screen have tainted that relationship, or on nights like this I have to wonder if maybe it just means that I have nothing to say.

     Seriously….I am surrounded by everything in the world that I need to inspire me to write the most insightful post I’ve ever written. I’m sitting on the bank of one of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen staring across. Listening as she peacefully glides along. Birds making all kinds of noise in the background, forest surrounding me. There’s a chill in the air, but nothing that a light sweater won’t fix. I am literally sitting in the middle of the most inspiring place I’ve ever seen! Yet I sit here staring at the paper as she stares at me. I’ve been waiting a week to clear my head and find some time to write. So here I am. Close my eyes, take a deep breath, plant both feet on the ground – Breath again, and stare at empty paper.



     The only noise in this place is the sound of a train whistling in the distance, water tumbling over the rocks making its way so effortlessly towards the ocean. All I can think in this moment is how I wish I could bottle the energy of this place so I could keep it with me all the time. I don’t know if you have ever been somewhere and been completely aware of the fact that that place was healing something inside of you. That’s what I feel right now. Like I said I wish that I could bottle this place and carry it with me where ever I go. Although I know these kind of moments are only to be experienced in the blink of an eye. How present we were in that moment will determine how much of it we are allowed to carry into the future with us.

     Tonight in the spirit of being present and not losing this moment for a long time to come, I am going to put the pen down, put the phone away and get lost in the river for just a bit longer.


     Just like that magic happens. As I am disconnecting the most beautiful sunset unfolds over the river. I finally have a word….perfect, this couldn’t be any more perfect.



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