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If I Could Say One Thing To You Tonight

know-thyself     If I could say one thing to you tonight, I’d say thank you. Thank you for all of the wrong decisions that you’ve made, so that I can recognize the right ones. I’d say you’re braver than you know, even when you’re shaking on the inside. I’d say you could walk through fire and rise up from the ashes, if only you would listen to your heart and not your head. I’d say you can climb out of anything when you say thank you for your life.

If I could say one thing to you tonight, I’d say that all is well and right. All is well, and timing is everything so don’t worry it will come. I’d say that your dreams are worth following, even if the road dead ends at times. It doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it, just place your struggles in the light. I’d say that you are learning, so cut yourself a little break. I’d say you can do anything when you believe that all is well and right.

If I could say one thing to you tonight, I’d say above all others trust yourself. Trust yourself to know what’s right, not for others, but for yourself. I’d say that sometimes no is more powerful than yes. To many times we say yes without thinking of the cost. I’d say that once you’ve mastered trust in yourself it spreads like ripples to the world.

If I could say one thing to you tonight, I’d say know thyself. Written on the Oracle of Delphi is where you find this simple secret left from times that have gone by. It’s just two simple words, but they need no more embellishment. Just know thyself and that is all.

If I could say one thing to you tonight, I’d say always be open. New experiences make new life, always be open when they come. I’d say I was more afraid of staying than going and it’s time to do the hard things not let those old fears run your life. I’d say always be open, let the change come where it may.

If I could say one thing to you tonight, I’d just say I love you. I love you for who you’ve been, who you are and who you are becoming. I’d say keep your heart open, love is your weapon and your shield. I’d say these are the lessons that I leave to the girl I used to be,  the woman that I aspire to be and to the women I hope for my daughters to be. Always be grateful, all is well, trust yourself, know yourself, stay open, and above all else LOVE with all your heart.

But Did I Live….?

The Wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard, because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never exposed to, ideas, dreams that never became a reality, hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon.” ~Les Brown


I think about the above quote a lot lately. I guess it’s a side affect of talking to people about death every day.  Oddly death isn’t really the thing it makes me think about, but because I talk about death all day when I’m alone my thoughts turn more to life. I’ve made my peace with death already, not in a I’m ready to go kind of way. I would describe it is as more of a I’m not afraid of you, so you no longer rule my life type of way. Funny thing is that I have noticed that there are more people out there that are afraid of life than they are of death. I don’t know about you but when the bright light comes and beckons me to follow it, I want to be able to move on knowing I did the things that brought me joy and not look back and wonder, but did I live…..

      I know I lived in the sense that I had the jobs, made the money, paid the bills and did the things that I was taught to do. None of those things necessarily any more fulfilling than the other, they all amount to a hamster wheel we seem to get caught up on and can’t seem to find our way off. I’ve had the weddings, the divorces, the relationships that I just can’t seem to get right. Don’t get me wrong they all gave me what I needed at the time and I wouldn’t be half of who I am without even one of them. All those things thrown into a scrapbook together will certainly make a life, but that bigger question to me lies just a little deeper below the surface and it still asks, I know I had a life, but did I live….

Did I ever, even just once throw a dream up into the air so high I couldn’t see if it was coming back, and just hold my arms out open wide, eyes closed with faith that I could catch it? Did I stay so closed off in my walls of distrust that I missed the fact that I could have made a difference, or did I live with a completely open heart? Did I help when I could? Did I speak out when someone needed a voice, or did I pretend that mine didn’t matter? Did I write the book? Did I take the trip? Did I sing the song, the one that only I can hear? These are the things I ponder when I hear the words, but did I live…

      Trust me when I say that contemplating death makes people come up with notebooks full of regret. Things they wish they had done different, people that they wish they would have stayed in touch with and a body that they wished they would have loved enough to take care of. More people than we realize have a mind so full of regret the it’s the first to die. I hope that like me, you refuse to be the person with the deathbed regrets. I hope you live with a wide-open heart, ready for all possibilities. I hope you live with gratitude for life, because each second is a gift.  I hope you cultivate joy in your life and not just things. Make memories and not just paychecks. I hope you take a deep dive into the mysteries of life and if you ever find yourself asking the question, but did I live….

 I hope the only answer that you can shout from the rooftops is YES!